New product limited offer

We have another new product coming out. We have introduced 🇯🇵Japan’s big-selling small island food dried fish-small island food has 43 years of history, and the dried fish it produces is rich in Calcium. It contains higher calcium than milk. It is an indispensable calcium supplement for children who are still developing and hate milk. After eating dried fish every day, they are full of energy. It is a relatively healthy snack!
The taste includes:
Roasted dried fish: HK$36 (Original price: HK$51)🈹
Dried black sesame sardine sticks.: HK$29 (Original price: HK$41)🈹
Dried Anglefish: HK$36 (Original Price: HK$51)🈹
Seared black sesame skinned fish: HK$36 (Original price: HK$51)🈹
In addition to buying at HKTV Mall, if you want to buy directly, you are welcome to leave a message at pm if you are interested. I will reply to you as soon as possible😄😄😄
🛍️🛒 Limited time offer: additional discount, buy 2 packs, get $5 off, buy 3 packs, get $10 off🈹